cyndiI have always loved colour, fashion and especially accessories! My career took me in the world of home decor and paint and selling to the Big Box Stores. Twenty-seven years of success, culminating in a Vice President’s position was a wonderful experience, but sometimes there are more important things in life. I decided to retire to look after my Mom, being free to spend time with her and travel before her passing was a wonderful gift. Now, what do I do? Well it is not back to being “Boxed- In”; I am going to do what I love! Throughout my life I have created many types of artwork; I discovered jewellery design on a trip to the Yukon in 2009, finding inspiration in two amazing women I met. I have been obsessed ever since, I have been taking classes, creating and started selling via “word of mouth” in 2010. I have been creating one of a kind necklaces, earrings and bracelets, using mixture of natural stone and bling. I love combining the unexpected, like an industrial wire with lots of fire polished crystal. I find my supplies in some of the normal spots, wholesales supply warehouses, craft and bead stores. I also love to dig through thrift stores and yard sales, even friends broken pieces to find wonderful vintage parts to add to my creations.



tree-huggingEarly in 2016 it was time for a big change… so west I came to a beautiful island in the Pacific, Vancouver Island, and have settled in Nanaimo. I am loving the life of an island girl, with the Georgia Straight almost at my doorstep. Surrounded by amazing influences; the Pacific Ocean air, mountains, giant trees, wild life, the sound of the ships whistles is the distance and the slower pace of island life and a focus on environmental issues, sustainable living and tree hugging.








creationsOne of Kind Custom Jewellery…. Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and more…Working in crystals, beads, semi precious stones, faux and freshwater pearls… All pieces shown are just as ideas; each jewellery item will be unique and designed just for you. If I do not have the stones you want I will source them. I can also re-use stones from a favourite piece that has gone out of style. The advantages of custom are, necklace length will be to your taste, and bracelet size will be fit to your wrist. No one will have the same design as you; one necklace could have parts from many sources… You will be completely unique! Every piece from my three collections has a story…. A name, a charm to make it unique and the pieces with natural stones will include the mystical magical folklore of that stone. I look forward to working with you to make your special piece of jewellery….made with my heart and my hands.


“Every day is better with a little BLING!”
Cyndi XOXO