amethystAmethyst – Colour – Violet-light to dark Mystical Magical – Prevents nightmares, wards off danger and aids in concentration



jadeJadeColour – Light Green to Dark Green, Butter Yellow Mystical Magical – A new start, good luck & detoxifies



jasperJasperColour – Red, Brown, Picture & Dalmation Mystical Magical – The warrior stone, power and an aphrodisiac



onyxOnyxColour – Black Mystical Magical – Self-confidence, success & strengthens eyes



natural pearlsNatural PearlsColour – Silver, Cream, Gold & Black Mystical Magical – Promote wisdom, contentment & warn of disaster



rose-quartzRose QuartzColour – Pink Translucent Mystical Magical – Strengthens friendship, opens the mind & improves the quality of sleep



tiger-eyeTiger EyeColour – Shimmering Golden Brown with Stripes Mystical Magical – Lifts depression, symbolizes unity, Asthmatics should always carry this stone



turquoiseTurquoiseColour – Turquoise Blue – natural, Chalk Turquoise (pink, green) is injected with coloured resin to stabilize and change the colour Mystical Magical – Protects, brings happiness, loyalty and speedy recovery



Source: Healing Crystals and Gemstones – published 2002 Dr. Flora Peschek – not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice.