kathleenCyndi’s jewellery is exquisite, people constantly remark on how beautiful my pieces are.

Kathleen P., Lindsay, ON




alwyneI was just so delighted with the uniqueness of the design; I have received so many compliments when I have worn these pieces.

Alwyne W., Langford, UK.




catherineCyndi’s jewellery is so versatile. I wear mine for work, going out to dinner or just as an everyday piece of jewellery.

Catherine G., Orangeville, ON





deniseCyndi listened to what I wanted and created this perfect necklace for me, I love that is one of a KIND.

Denise W., Milton, ON




nellieMy beautiful new piece it is so unique and crafted so perfectly that wearing it just begs for compliments…most of which end up referring to Cyndi’s incredible talent. Thank you again for the amazing art-piece you’ve mastered…a direct hit on authenticity suits me extremely well!

Nellie V, Toronto, ON



nancyCyndi did a beautiful job designing this set for me for an award ceremony at work, I received so many compliments. Her creativity and eye for style, is wonderful,

Nancy D. Nanaimo, British Columbia




aidanCyndi makes great jewellery. She even makes jewellery for boys.

Aidan G., Orangeville, ON




cathyCyndi really “got me” when designing this necklace, I have had so many compliments every time I wear it- makes me feel special!

Cathy C., Mississauga, ON